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A journey to history and nature …
Trabzon, a port city at the beginning of the his-
torical Silk Road, is one of the most important
touristic centers in Turkey and the world with its
5000 year old history, and cultural and scenic
beauties. Trabzon, with its rich folklore, perfect
nature, transportation opportunities, richness in
art and culture, success in sports and availability
for tourism, is one of the shining stars of Turkey
in tourism. Trabzon, which welcomed a total of 3
million tourists- 1 million foreign- last year, has
made a jump in tourism thanks to the attention of
tourists from Gulf countries. This in turn has in-
creased touristic investments and facilities have
been modernized. Important steps were taken in
employing trained personnel and touristic activ-
ity has increased with tour packages created by
travel agencies. The city is now fully ready for
As you may know, Trabzon has always been an
important city. Trabzon, which is located at the
intersection of civilizations, is the center of art
and culture. Every type of art is performed in art
centers by local artists. Trabzon, the city of au-
thors, painters and poets, waits for guests to wit-
ness its cultural and artistic activities, historical
depths and mysterious nature.
Fatih Sultan Mehmet conquered Trabzon in 1461.
Suleiman the Magnificent, just like Yavuz Sultan
Selim, was born in Trabzon and was educated in
the city until he was 15. Mustafa Kemal Atatürk
visited the city three times and announced that
he was leaving all his assets to the people of Tur-
key in Trabzon.
Trabzon is now a brand city in culture and tour-
ism. We are ready to welcome our guests with
Ayasofya Mosque, Atatürk Mansion, Gülbahar
Hatun Mosque, Sümela Monastery, Uzungöl,
Ortahisar, Ortamahalle, ramparts, inns, baths,
bridges, fountains, markets, plateaus and vari-
ous folkloric elements and cuisine. Trabzon is
mostly visited by people from Europe, Far East,
America and Asia. In recent years, tourists from
the Gulf countries have increased and cruise
tourism has improved.
We would like to invite everyone to Trabzon for a
journey to history and nature.
Trabzon 2015
Trabzon Provincial Culture and Tourism Director
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