An issue fitting for the 5th anniversary of Izmir Culture and Tourism Magazine

The 31st issue of our İzmir Culture and Tourism Magazine, which we prepare on behalf of İzmir Governarete Culture and Tourism Directorate, has been published.

İzmir Culture and Tourism Magazine, which has been published for 5 years with thegoal of promoting the historical, cultural and touristic assets of Izmir locally and internationally, announces its new issue with a substantial content as always.

In the 5th special issue of the magazine, with the striking cover featuring Klaros Prophecy Center, İzmir's Menderes district is introduced with all its facets. Menderes District Governor Tahsin Kurtbeyoğlu’s and Menderes Mayor Bülent Soylu's reflections enriches the file. One of the guest’s of this issue of İzmir Culture and Tourism Magazine is the President of World Heritage Voyagers Associaton: Atilla Ege. The interview with Ege sheds light the historical and cultural heritage of the city, above all Ephesus, which is waiting to be included in UNESCO World Heritage List. In the popular “Among the Myths” section of the magazine, Şadan Gökovalı talks about Kadifekale this time.  The article named "Crown of the İzmircess Kadifekale" brings Kadifekale to light, beyond its know characteristics. Alex Baltazzi's "Karşıyaka's Levantine Mansions", Sara Pardo's ”Îzmir and Faith Tourism" ande Adnan Turgut's "Eşrefpaşa with Memories" articles are among the more interesting topics of the magazine. The ancientcaves in the Ephesus region and the historical libraries of İzmir introduces İzmir'in unknown assets to the readers. "Halil Çokyürekli: a zurna virtuoso" adds color to the art pages. While the information provided by the President of National Olive and Olive Oil Council, Ümmühan Tibet, shows the importance of olive and olive ol clearly, the "Koçinisto" recipe on the “culture of cuisine” page gives a lovely feast to the readers.

You can find more in the 31st issue of the İzmir Culture and Tourism Magazine…

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