Have You Lived Çeşme?

The new issue of the İzmir Culture and Tourism Magazine which recently celebrated its 5th anniversary advertises Çeşme, İzmir’s popular resort town, with all its assets.

Don’t miss out on the new issue of the magazine if you want to discover the history, culture, architecture and rich cuisine of Çeşme and all its other characteristics.

The 32nd issue of the magazine which aims to advertise the cultural and touristic assets of Izmir to the world attracts attention with its extensive content. Atatürk Museum, İnciraltı Maritime Museum, Ramadan traditions in Izmir, the holy sites of Tire, a forgotten Izmir flower Selluka, Çandarlı and its vicinity and lor cheese dessert with mulberry jam are some of the topics in this issue. An article about Teos by Prof. Dr.Şadan Gökovalı and an interview with brand expert Muhterem İlgüner about the branding of cities are other important headlines from the magazine.

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