Antalya’s Underwater Cultural Heritage is being unearthed

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Antalya’s Underwater Cultural Heritage is being unearthed

Antalya Culture and Tourism Magazine, which advertises Antalya’s cultural and touristic assets to Turkey and the world, takes its readers on a journey to the vast blues of the Mediterranean in this issue.

The magazine sheds lights on the underwater archeological works that are carried out on the 642 kilometer magnificent coast of Antalya.

The Eastern garage Exhibition, which takes the history of the city 100 years back, Antalya from the eyes of travelers such as Strabo and Karl Graf von Lanckoronski, the legends of the Taurus Mountains told by Prof. Dr. Tuncay Neyişçi, ecological farms which are popular with people who are into alternative; Şeyh Süca Mausoleum and Nasreddin Mosque from the Seljuk period are other articles in the magazine.​

You can see the new issue of the Antalya Culture and Tourism Magazine which has been praised for its rich content and design by clicking this link  http://www.renklikalem.com.tr/old/antalya/antalya29

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